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Project Description

SharePoint 2010 Azure Field Type gives the possibility to store binary content (images, videos or other big files) in Azure.
It provides a nice way to upload & download stuff from the cloud, leveraging SharePoint 2010 object model & security.


  • Common SharePoint column that can be added into any type of list,
  • The same column can be added multiple times to one list (letting then a list item contain multiple binaries associated to it).
  • Download/Upload mechanism is handled by a Silvelight client.

Known limitations/issues:

  • Downloads/Uploads can't be paused for now,
  • I transfert is crashing, download will have to be restarted (by closing the SL client),
  • MD5 hash is not verified for now, which can lead to daat corruption on upload/download (things fine 99% of time)

Please feel free to use, install/download this project, but please send me back updated content if you crrected a bug so that I can integrate it into the app code.

Happy usage!

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